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Medexo offers second medical opinions by leading and independent specialists via the Internet. It is not just patients that benefit from our second opinions.

Our system has a number of benefits for health insurance companies, also.


 Avoidable costs
Misdiagnoses and false treatment can be expensive, and as the insurer you may end up footing the bill. Our second opinions safeguard patients from the risks of unnecessary medical intervention, while saving you the costs of superfluous operations.
 Patient-centric service as a competitive edge
Our second opinions empower your policyholders to protect themselves against unnecessary operations and to locate the treatment that ideally suits their needs. You as an insurer can only benefit from this competitive edge and the bond of trust it fosters with your customers.
 Additional contribution to patient care
Moreover, it is of no minor importance that cooperating with us will help you lastingly improve healthcare in Germany while taking the medical services you offer customers to an entirely new level.


We would be delighted to receive your message if you are a health insurance provider interested in our innovative second opinion service and would like to hear more about Medexo. Please use our contact form or call us on +49 30 555 7053 – 0.


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