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Dear colleagues,

Medexo — Medical Experts Online – allows specialised physicians to obtain and pass on a tele-medical second opinion in an ideal setting that satisfies data protection requirements.

  • Networking doctors, clinics, patients and payers
  • Structured and secure flow of information and data
  • Legally watertight, progressive and sustainable


In an age of information and communication technology defined by rapid advances in medicine, it is our goal to join with you in shaping tomorrow’s world of healthcare.

We seek to create a patient-centric system in which patients, doctors and payers strengthen and optimise existing synergy. Here at Medexo, we apply innovative solutions and evidence-based medicine to overcome regional, systemic and infrastructural barriers.
The aim is to sustainably improve healthcare for all parties involved.

  • Would you like to receive a second opinion for one of your patients, and do you need to discuss the results in your practice inside of 10 working days?

We can help you in both of these cases.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or suggestions at any time. Just call +49 (0)30 555 7053 0 or send your email to Alternatively you can use our contact form:



‘Massive regional variations in healthcare clearly indicate problems in quality, efficiency and justice,’ says OECD Director Mark Pearson.

Among the best in the world, Germany’s healthcare system is based on the principle of solidarity. Here, the main focus is on patient safety and their interest in receiving high-quality and lastingly affordable medical treatment.


But although we are known to enjoy an outstanding healthcare system, doctors are placed under preventable and misguided pressure. Despite the misplaced economic incentives, many of them external, the overarching goal for everyone involved must nevertheless be to ensure the quality of diagnosis.


Hence, the cornerstones are:

  • Quality and collective responsibility
  • Transparency and evidence


Are you enthused by innovative technologies, and would you like to advise patients and colleagues at home and abroad?

We are a network of doctors operating in the interests of patients and medical professionals. Patients enjoy our constantly expanding range of services thanks to the committed and cooperative teamwork between our experienced physicians. You too can become part of this network and the long-standing and specialised experience it provides.


You too can invest your expertise to help shape tomorrow’s world of healthcare.

It is essential to provide a clear delimitation of your precise expertise, as we are determined to help patients, doctors and payers in specific and complex issues.


Order your registration documents now!

Besides a precise list of the documents we require, the membership application also contains a brief questionnaire that you can use to inform us of your goals and visions for our collaboration.


Just contact us if you are interested and feel you can contribute to producing high-quality second opinions and to improvements in patient care.

Simply call us on +49 (0)30 555 7053 0, write us an email to: or use our contact form to send a message.


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