Prof. Dr. Lothar Weißbach


Prof. Weissbach was appointed president of the Berlin Urological Society (BUG) in1993. In addition he held the office of the Board and President of the German Cancer Society (DKG). He was honored with numerous awards and prizes.

specialized in prostate and testicular tumors and in malignant diseases of the kidney and the bladder.

Since 2009 Medical Director, Centre for Men’s Health at Berlin MEOCLINIC

2007 – 2009 Medical Director, Centre for Men’s Health at EuromedClinic Fürth

Since 2006 Scientific Director of the Men’s Health Foundation

2004 – 2007 Deputy Medical Director of EuromedClinic Fürth.

2003 – 2009 Consultant physician of Department of urology at EuromedClinic Fürth

1998 – 2000 President of the German Cancer Society

1984 – 2003 Medical Director of department of urology at Hospital Am Urban, Berlin

1971 – 1984 Assistant medical director and Professor of urology, University Hospital Bonn.

1969 Consultant physician of department of urology at hospital Am Urban, Berlin

1959 – 1965 MD University of Münster

Weissbach L, Stuerzebecher S, Mumperow E, Klotz T, Schnell D. HAROW: the first comprehensive prospective observational study comparing treatment options in localized prostate cancer. World J Urol. 2015 Sep 15.

Becker A, Seiler D, Kwiatkowski M, Kluth LA, Schnell D, Graefen M, Schlomm T, Fisch M, Recker F, Weissbach L, Chun FK. A comparative assessment of active surveillance for localized prostate cancer in the community versus tertiary care referral center. World J Urol. 2014 Aug;32(4):891-7.

Schnell D, Schön H, Weissbach L. [Therapy of local prostate carcinoma. Questions answered by outcome research]. Urologe A. 2009 Sep;48(9):1050-5.

Schnell D, Fiebrandt H, Weissbach L. [Diagnosis prostate cancer: who makes the treatment decision and which treatment is selected? Opinion survey in a prostate cancer patient support group]. Urologe A. 2012 Feb;51(2):238-41.

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