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The following insurers cover the cost of a second opinion in certain specialist fields:

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What is a second medical opinion?

A second opinion is the opinion of an independent doctor, specialised in the particular field. We pass on your case information to this specialist to prepare an assessment of your situation and options on this basis. This includes an assessment of whether an operation is necessary in your case as well as recommendations for alternative treatments.


When is a second opinion advisable?

Broadly speaking, a second opinion is always advisable in order to clarify possible uncertainty before a scheduled operation. The patient and the attending physician can only benefit. We urgently advise obtaining a second opinion in the following cases:

  • Your attending physician is not a qualified specialist for your particular condition.
  • You have not received a clear diagnosis or recommended treatment.
  • You do not believe that the information you have received on the scheduled treatment and possible alternatives is adequate.



How long does it take to prepare a second opinion?

It will take us no longer than 10 working days to obtain a second opinion, once we have received all of your medical records. Second opinions can be produced as an express service in 5 days, although a surcharge for expenses is payable in these cases. The second opinion can even be obtained on shorter notice in particularly urgent cases. But we will have to charge an additional fee, as our experts will have to work much faster on your case.

What happens if I still have questions after receiving the second opinion?

We are determined to produce only satisfied customers. This extends to the entire period, before and even after you receive the second medical opinion. So should any questions arise after receiving the second opinion, our customer care department and our specialists are happy to listen to any issues you may have.

Simply contact us at or call  +49 30 555 7053 – 0.

Is it not illegal to prepare remote diagnoses?

That is correct, but we do not provide remote diagnoses. The second opinions that our experts provide complement your direct medical treatment in an ideal way. But they do not replace personal care by your attending physician. Our specialists do not produce remote diagnoses. Instead they review your medical data to offer independent opinions on the direct and personal treatment you receive. The work we provide is therefore entirely legal and an important contribution to patient safety. The recommendations suggested by our expert can only really be put into practice if you discuss the second opinion in person with a doctor and if they are included as part of your ongoing treatment. Our one-year aftercare programme ensures that you will not be left alone in questions of how your treatment should continue.


Are your second opinions sustainable in court?

Broadly speaking, our second opinions are meant to help you reach an informed decision as a patient. Reports intended for submission in court take a lot more effort to prepare and are not really our focus. The second opinion may point to possible malpractice, but most likely it will not hold up in court.


Does the portal ‘Vorsicht!Operation’ belong to Medexo?

The portal emerged from the platform The latter is now merely a portal providing information on second medical opinions. The site exclusively handles enquiries for second opinions. Medexo GmbH runs both portals.

Have you not found an answer to your question, or was the answer incomplete? Contact us directly on +49 (0)30 555 7053 0, at or use our contact form to send a message.

How can I find out whether my insurer will cover the costs of a second opinion?

List of our cooperation partners:

What will I have to pay for a second opinion if my insurer does not cover the cost?

Price list for self-payers*::

Here you will find a list of what you will have to pay if your health insurance company has not agreed to accept the cost:

Second opinion
500 €
Preparation time:
10 working days
Knee, one side
Straight to the second opinion
Second opinion
(both sides**)
650 €
Preparation time:
10 working days
Both hands
Straight to the second opinion
Express second opinion
Surcharge: max. 30%
Preparation time:
5 working days

Note: The preparation time begins when we confirm that our specialist has received all patient documents.

* The cost of a second opinion comprises the fee for the doctor (tax-exempted service according to Section 4 (14) VAT Act (UStG)) and a service charge (subject to VAT), including comprehensive patient care before and after receipt of the second opinion. Our specialists are paid according to the statutory scale of fees for physicians (GOÄ) in Germany. This is why the final amount may deviate slightly.

** This information applies to second opinions requested for both feet, hands, hips, knees or shoulders.

We provide personal quotations for all other enquiries.


Why is advance payment requested, and how is the price calculated?

We incur costs as soon as we start to process your case and the specialist begins preparing your opinion. We charge an advance payment to cover these costs. The costs include the fee for the doctor’s time in expertly handling the case as well as the cost of aftercare by our case management, which continues for one year after you receive the second opinion. We provide more than just a second opinion. You will also receive comprehensive support and advice, from compiling your medical documents to identifying suitable doctors for your continued treatment. Comparatively speaking our services are inexpensive, and our results speak for themselves.


Can the fee be paid in instalments?

We are currently unable to offer a payment scheme in instalments.


Do the costs not exceed what my health insurance company would be willing to accept, even if an agreement exists??

The insurer will already incur costs of €200–700 when your attending physician uses equipment to examine you (for instance to produce an X-ray). In comparison, therefore, the financial outlay required for our detailed second medical opinion and for our recognised experts is significantly lower.

What documents do you require?

Essentially we need a referral letter from your last visit to a doctor in the matter to which your enquiry relates. We also need a completed questionnaire and a suitable scan of your: knee (X-ray MRI), back (MRI or CT), foot (X-ray), etc. We will inform you immediately if any other documents are necessary and will assist you in compiling them.


How can I obtain my medical records from the doctor?

Each doctor is obliged to grant patients access to their personal medical records. You are entitled to demand copies, but bear in mind that a fee may be charged.
Please note: It is important to have a copy of your medical records (for instance if a practice closes or moves away etc.), no matter whether you need them for a second opinion. On request, the doctor is obliged to make and provide your with copies or print-outs and to confirm that the documents are complete (Sec. 10 (2) p. 2 Professional Code of Conduct for Medical Professionals (MBO-Ä)).


How can I submit my patient documents?

First you need to register on and complete the questionnaire. Then you can use the upload manager to upload your documents (findings, X-rays, CT scans) to your personal account.

You are also welcome to send your documents to us by post, and we will forward them to the specialist handling your case. To do this simply send us an email at or call  +49 30 555 7053 – 0.

We will return to you all images and findings you sent in by post once we have completed the second opinion.

How secure are my data when I upload/send my documents to you?

Protecting your data is of the utmost importance to us. Our SSL certificate ensures that the transmission of your data is encrypted and safe. What’s more, your data is only ever stored in our systems in an encrypted and anonymous form. We apply similarly strict security precautions if you send us your documents by post. We also return your documents as soon as you have received the second opinion.

Who has access to my data?

Only you have access to your personal, password-protected account. Please keep your login data in a safe place and do not make this information available to others. We record and process your personal data exclusively in order to answer and manage your request for a second opinion. We handle your data in the strictest confidence and in compliance with all statutory requirements. Naturally we do not pass on your data to third parties, except for the specialist entrusted with managing and responding to your request for a second opinion.

Who are the Medexo experts?

All of our specialists have longstanding and profound experience in your particular field. In overarching disciplines such as general surgery and orthopaedics, our portfolio only includes specialists who have acquired qualifications in very particular disciplines. This means that we do not list orthopaedists; instead we have knee surgeons, spine surgeons and foot surgeons, etc. You can also be certain that our experts are luminaries in their fields. They include Prof. Pässler, who in his capacity as a specialist no longer accepts new patients outside of our second opinion system. Link to the complete list of specialists

Can I pick a particular specialist to prepare my second opinion?

Medexo thoroughly reviews your request for a second opinion and then picks the specialist best suited to your issue. We will accommodate your requests for particular specialists if possible, but limited availability means this is not a guaranteed service. Please contact us at or call +49 30 555 7053 – 0, if you would like to ask for a particular specialist to prepare your second opinion.


When should I obtain a second opinion from you instead of going to see a second doctor face-to-face?

Our experts are not generalists. Instead they are selected experts with profound expertise and long-standing experience in your specific field. Our experts do not treat you. They only provide a second opinion. This automatically removes any misplaced incentive to recommend an operation. Our experts analyse your case in detail, and you receive the second opinion inside of just a few days. In contrast, an attending physician will have a large number of patients, which may mean long waiting times.

Please consider that unconditional neutrality is hard to guarantee if you decide to obtain a second opinion from a doctor close to you. The independence and neutrality of our experts are among the significant benefits that we offer.

Have you not found an answer to your question, or was the answer incomplete? Contact us directly on +49 30 555 7053 – 0, at or use our contact form to send a message.