What is a second opinion?

In a second opinion, an independent doctor provides an assessment of the initial diagnosis. This includes an evaluation of whether an operation is indicated in the case in question, or whether an alternative treatment would be more suitable. Medexo allows patients to request and receive a second opinion conveniently via the Internet. We pass on incoming cases to specialised experts in our network. Then we frame the report drafted by this expert in easily understandable language.

Second opinions are always sensible if a patient has misgivings whether the treatment recommended by their doctor is truly necessary and appropriate. Obtaining a second opinion is particularly advisable to prepare for difficult decisions such as choosing chemotherapy.


Second opinions by Medexo:

  • Questionnaires, specifically tailored to your particular issue
  • Objective assessment by an expert of whether an operation is necessary in your case
  • An easily understandable assessment of the initial diagnosis and recommended treatment
  • Many health insurance companies already trust in the Medexo services


Second opinions by Medexo, explained in 2 minutes

Straight to the second opinion


Contents of the second opinion by Medexo

Straight to the second opinion